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With an innovative and diverse range of milk and juice products. The dairy products are produced in various forms such as full fat and low fat, including milk, laban, breakfast drinks and smoothies and drinking yoghurts.
Camel Milk have so many proven health benefits and significant fat reduction qualities. Al Ain Dairy is preparing itself to offer a complete range of camel milk products. Al Ain Dairy, the UAE’s largest dairy has launched 6 new camel milk variants under the “Camelait” brand of fresh camel milk.
The juices we produce are broadly categorized as long life and fresh juices. Long life juice and nectars are processed at 90-95o C / 2Sec and are aseptically packed into a presterilised tetra pack. These have a shelf life of nine months.
Tired of having the same old desserts? Here is Al Ain Dairy, the leading producer of dairy products in the UAE planning to introduce a new variety of desserts such as vanilla and crème caramel & ice cream created from something different camel milk.
Grilloumi is a delicious high quality Greek Grill cheese made of the best milk from free range cows, sheep, and goats. This versatile semi hard cheese can be grilled, fried, and grated. It can either be enjoyed as a starter, side dish or main dish and can be prepared without any cooking fat